DWSK Sprocket

Duplex 160B-2 B type sprocket


good price and quality sprocket B type double




160B-2 Roller Chain sprockets are suitable for roller chains based on the requirements of Japan standard; All sprockets with pilot bore. 

Duplex-Type B- Hub on one side 

Technical data

Sprocket: 160-2B

Pitch: 50.8mm

Roller: 28.58mm

Tooth Width h1: 28.4mm

Tooth Width h2: 86.9mm

Teeth: 160-2B-10T; 160-2B-11T; 160-2B-12T; 160-2B-13T; 160-2B-14T; 160-2B-15T; 160-2B-16T; 160-2B-17T; 160-2B-18T; 160-2B-19T; 160-2B-20T; 160-2B-21T; 160-2B-22T; 160-2B-23T; 160-2B-24T; 160-2B-25T; 160-2B-26T; 160-2B-27T; 160-2B-28T; 160-2B-29T; 160-2B-30T; 160-2B-31T; 160-2B-32T; 160-2B-33T; 160-2B-34T; 160-2B-35T; 160-2B-36T; 160-2B-38T; 160-2B-40T; 160-2B-42T; 160-2B-45T; 160-2B-48T; 160-2B-50T; 160-2B-54T; 160-2B-60T

Pilot bore: 28mm; 32mm; 35mm; 40mm

Standard: JIS/ KANA/ Asian standard series

Surface treatment: Hardened teeth; Galvanized; Oxidation blackening; phosphate blackening; based on customer requirements

Brand: DWSK

Quality contral: has passed ISO 9001:2008 certificate

Application: Transmission Parts

Processing: Forging-Machining-Hobbing

Feature:   DWSK products with high quality, excellent performance and smooth surface, every step from production to the packing process has a strict quality inspection, insure that our product high precision, high strength, high wear resistance.  


We are the manufacturers of sprocket, Services for the power transmission components. Sprockets and plate wheels are our central products and we have a definite advantage in terms of production, service and price. All sprockets are suitable for roller chains based on the requirements of Japan standard with pilot bores, Special surface treatments are available on request. Anyway you have a lot of options here. DWSK must be your sprocket supplier of choice.


Sprockets are available in many different materials, such as steel, stainless steels and various plastics or urethanes. They are available in many shapes, sizes and styles.
The four most common sprocket styles are:

Type A- Plain or flat plate

Type B- Hub on one side

Type C- Hub on both sides

Type D- Detachable hubs