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25-1 Sprocket Single Type B

25B-1 Roller Chain sprockets are suitable for roller chains based on the requirements of America standard; All sprockets with pilot bore. 

Single-Type B- Hub on one side 

Technical data

Sprocket: 25B

Pitch: 1/4"; 6.35mm

Roller: 0.130"; 3.3mm

Tooth Width: 0.110"; 2.8mm

35-1 Sprocket Single Type B

35B9; 35B10; 35B11; 35B12; 35B13; 35B14; 35B15; 35B16; 35B17; 35B18; 35B19; 35B20; 35B21; 35B22; 35B23; 35B24; 35B25; 35B26; 35B27; 35B28; 35B29; 35B30;  35B31; 35B32; 35B33; 35B34; 35B35; 35B36; 35B37; 35B38; 35B40; 35B42; 35B43; 35B44; 35B45; 35B46; 35B48; 35B50; 35B54; 35B55; 35B60; 35B65; 35B70; 35B75; 35B80; 35B84; 35B96; 35B112

40-1 Sprocket Single Type B

40B8; 40B9; 40B10; 40B11; 40B12; 40B13; 40B14; 40B15; 40B16; 40B17; 40B18; 40B19; 40B20; 40B21; 40B22; 40B23; 40B24; 40B25; 40B26; 40B27; 40B28; 40B29; 40B30;  40B31; 40B32; 40B33; 40B34; 40B35; 40B36; 40B37; 40B38; 40B39; 40B40; 40B41; 40B42; 40B43; 40B44; 40B45; 40B46; 40B47; 40B48; 40B49; 40B50; 40B51; 40B52; 40B53; 40B54; 40B55; 40B56; 45B57; 40B58; 40B59; 40B60; 40B65; 40B70; 40B72; 40B75; 40B80; 40B84; 40B96; 40B112

50-1 Sprocket Single Type B

50B8; 50B9; 50B10; 50B11; 50B12; 50B13; 50B14; 50B15; 50B16; 50B17; 50B18; 50B19; 50B20; 50B21; 50B22; 50B23; 50B24; 50B25; 50B26; 50B27; 50B28; 50B29; 50B30;  50B31; 50B32; 50B33; 50B34; 50B35; 50B36; 50B37; 50B38; 50B39; 50B40; 50B41; 50B42; 50B43; 50B44; 50B45; 50B46; 50B47; 50B48; 50B49; 50B50; 50B51; 50B52; 50B53; 50B54; 50B55; 50B56; 50B57; 50B58; 50B59; 50B60; 50B65; 50B70; 50B72; 50B75; 40B76; 50B78; 50B80; 50B84; 50B95; 50B96; 50B112
Single-Type B 

Technical data

Sprocket: 50B

Pitch: 5/8"; 15.875mm

Roller: 0.400"; 10.16mm

Tooth Width: 0.343"; 8.7mm

60-1 Sprocket Single Type B

60B-1 Roller Chain sprockets are suitable for roller chains based on the requirements of America standard; All sprockets with pilot bore.
Sprocket: 60B

Pitch: 3/4"; 19.05mm

Roller: 0.468"; 11.91mm

Tooth Width: 0.459"; 11.7mm

80-1 Sprocket Single Type B & C

80B8; 80B9; 80B10; 80B11; 80B12; 80B13; 80B14; 80B15; 80B16; 80B17; 80B18; 80B19; 80B20; 80B21; 80B22; 80B23; 80B24; 80B25; 80B26; 80B27; 80B28; 80B29; 80B30;  80B31; 80B32; 80B33; 80B34; 80B35; 80B36; 80B37; 80B38; 80B39; 80B40; 80B41; 80B42; 80B43; 80B44; 80B45; 80B46; 80B47; 80B48; 80B49; 80B50; 80B51; 80B52; 80B53; 80B54; 80B55; 80B56; 80B57; 80B58; 80B59; 80B60; 80B65; 80C70; 80C72; 80C75; 80C76; 80C78; 80C80; 80C84; 80C95; 80C96; 80C112

100-1 Sprocket Single Type B & C

100B8; 100B9; 100B10; 100B11; 100B12; 100B13; 100B14; 100B15; 100B16; 100B17; 100B18; 100B19; 100B20; 100B21; 100B22; 100B23; 100B24; 100B25; 100B26; 100B27; 100B28; 100B29; 100B30;  100B31; 100B32; 100B33; 100B34; 100B35; 100B36; 100B37; 100B38; 100B39; 100B40; 100B41; 100B42; 100B43; 100B44; 100B45; 100B46; 100B47; 100B48; 100B49; 100B50; 100B51; 100B52; 100B53; 100B54; 100B55; 100B56; 100B57; 100B58; 100B59; 100B60; 100B65; 100B70; 100B72; 100B75; 100B76; 100B78; 100B80; 100B84; 100B95; 100B96; 100B112

120-1 Sprocket Single Type B & C

120B9; 120B10; 120B11; 120B12; 120B13; 120B14; 120B15; 120B16; 120B17; 120B18; 120B19; 120B20; 120B21; 120B22; 120B23; 120B24; 120B25; 120B26; 120B27; 120B28; 120B29; 120B30;  120B31; 120B32; 120B33; 120B34; 120B35; 120B36; 120C40; 120C42; 120C45; 120C60; 120C70; 120C80

140-1 Sprocket Single Type B & C

140B11; 140B12; 140B13; 140B14; 140B15; 140B16; 140B17; 140B18; 140B19; 140B20; 140B21; 140B22; 140B23; 140B24; 140B25; 140B26; 140B27; 140B28; 140B29; 140B30;  140B31; 140B32; 140C35; 140C40; 140C45; 140C48; 140C54; 140C60; 140C70; 140C80

160-1 Sprocket Single Type B & C

160B8; 160B9; 160B10; 160B11; 160B12; 160B13; 160B14; 160B15; 160B16; 160B17; 160B18; 160B19; 160B20; 160B21; 160B22; 160B23; 160B24; 160B25; 160B26; 160B27; 160B28; 160B29; 160B30;  160C35; 160C40; 160C45; 160C54; 160C60; 160C70; 160C80
Single-Type B- Hub on one side 

Technical data

Sprocket: 160B

Pitch: 2"; 50.8mm

Roller: 1.125"; 25.58mm

Tooth Width: 1.156"; 29.4mm

35-2 Sprocket Duplex Type B

D35B12H; D35B13H; D35B14H; D35B15H; D35B16H; D35B17H; D35B18H; D35B19H; D35B20H; D35B21; D35B22; D35B23; D35B24; D35B25; D35B26; D35B30; D35B36; D35B42; D35B48; D35B52; D35B60; D35B68; D35B72; D35B76; D35B84; D35B95; D35B96; D35B102

40-2 Sprocket Duplex Type B

D40B11H; D40B12H; D40B13H; D40B14H; D40B15H; D40B16H; D40B17H; D40B18H; D40B19H; D40B20H; D40B21; D40B22; D40B23; D40B24; D40B25; D40B26; D40B30; D40B35; D40B36; D40B40; D40B45; D40B8; D40B52; D40B54; D40B60; D40B68; D40B72; D40B76; D40B84; D40B95; D40B96; D40B102; D40B112
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