DWSK Sprocket

Analyzing how to use Finished Bore Sprocket appropriately from the point of view of wear



This article analyses how to use Finished Bore Sprocket appropriately from the point of view of wear

Finished Bore Sprocket is a commonly used drive tool in industry. Once a failure occurs, it will stop slightly and casualties will occur seriously. Therefore, using Finished Bore Sprocket reasonably and safely is one of the issues worth discussing. Below, this paper will study how to use Finished Bore Sprocket reasonably from the point of view of wear analysis.The causes of severe wear on the chain socket of Finished Bore Sprocket are as follows:

(1) The higher the load on the Finished Bore Sprocket, the higher the surface temperature and the more serious the adhesion.For a certain hardness metal material, the wear rate versus pressure curve is obtained by wear test under different pressure. When the pressure reaches more than 1/3 of the hardness of the material, serious wear will occur.As the hardness at chain socket is HRC48~52, the corresponding hardness value is 4800MPa.

(2) Contact fatigue wear

The friction pair between Finished Bore Sprocket and chain is an alternating contact stress and is prone to fatigue pitting on its friction surface.The criterion for determining the contact fatigue strength of metals is the contact fatigue limit, i.e. the maximum stress without pitting under certain stress cycles.However, due to poor lubrication conditions between Finished Bore Sprocket and the chain, pitting occurs too late to cause wear, which is the main form of damage at this time, rather than pitting.Contact fatigue wear is the main form of wear on Finished Bore Sprocket, which basically determines the service life of the Finished Bore Sprocket.

(3) Abrasive wear

Since the chain is inevitably in contact with the coal powder, a little coal powder is sticking to it and taken to the contact point of the chain socket of the Finished Bore Sprocket. The coal powder contains a little hard sand which will cause the material on the surface of the Finished Bore Sprocket to fall off during the friction process, which is abrasive wear.Abrasive wear is related to the hardness of the friction material and the hardness of the abrasive.From the influence diagram of abrasive hardness on wear, it can be seen that when the hardness of abrasive approximates the hardness of friction material, it causes high-speed wear of friction material. Coal powder mixed with a little hard sand is one of the main reasons for accelerating wear of Finished Bore Sprocket.